India 1 Pice “Horse”  Coin Necklace With Rope Bezel

India 1 Pice “Horse” Coin Necklace With Rope Bezel

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Handcrafted all American made India 1 Pice “Horse” Coin Necklace with Rope Bezel, are made from these new  uncirculated condition genuine India 1 Pice coins that are the size of a U.S. Nickel. The coins are initially layered in pure Bright Silver.  The figures are then highlighted and brought to life with rich pure 24K Gold, the gold work is completed by hand.  This process and exclusive work turns these coin into stunning and true works of art.  Each coin is hermetically sealed to prevent wear in clear, hard acrylic coating. Each coin comes with Gold filled  rope  bezel, on a good quality 14K gold layered 18” rope chain and placed in a nice jewelry box. Dates may be different from the one showing.